PPL (A) 6 to 7 Weeks

PPL (A) 6 to 7 Weeks *

If you are 16 years old and you don’t have not an Aviators License  you can start right now…

The aim of our Private Pilot License (PPL (A) course) is to train you to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules either for recreational purposes or as part of a commercial training. The course consists of a minimum 45 hours of flight training.

On a full time basis the course can be completed in 6-7 weeks, but it can also be done in longer time on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Below you can see our course structure:



Our PPL  Program includes 45 hours of total flight time as follows :

Bullet45 hours single engine (Cessna 172)

Bullet84 hours Ground school

BulletAll ground school material as well as maps flight computers , bag etc.

BulletAll flight instructor fees

BulletAircraft manuals


The PPL Course cost is: 8.875€

Not included in the above price

1.  Cost to issue a medical certificate from an authorized AME (approximately 120€)

2.  HCAA Examination fees and Flight Examiner fees

3.  Accommodation  fees

4.  Taxes (VAT 21% is applied to the above price if the training is not part of a commercial training).

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