Help area and Definitions

Help area and Definitions

Passenger Aircraft

Jetway employs the use of a wide range of passenger aircraft for transport during holiday seasons like Hajj or even during sporting events and national holidays.

We ensure customer satisfaction by providing additional services such as aircraft analysis, feasibility studies, and assistance with aircraft selection.

Additional services include route matrix analysis, contract negotiation, contract management and operational oversight.

Narrow body

Air Charter sources narrow body aircraft to fly frequent short distances. They have a seating capacity of approximately 40 to 200 passengers with a single isle in separating the seats.

Their flight capacity is regional and they are unable to fly across continents. These aircraft are ideal for travelling between cities during holiday seasons.

Wide body aircraft

Wide body aircraft usually have twin aisles separating the seats within the main cabin. They have different seating classes as well and seat up to 200 to 600 passengers.
Jetway utilize these aircraft to transport freight because they are able to travel long haul. They are ideal for transporting passengers across continents.


With a passenger capacity of four to eight and a capability of flying short to medium haul flights, turboprops are faster, further and offer more comfort than regular light body aircraft. Ideal for the domestic commuter, Jetway sources turboprops to travellers seeking a quick and hassle free flight to their destination.


Always in high demand, acquiring the best possible cargo aircraft can prove difficult. With our global online database of clients and operators (Skysearch), we are able to source the best and most ideal aircraft for your cargo requirement.

Jetways 24 hour, seven day a week service ensures capability in providing the best options for Wet lease, Charter, AOG situations or planned maintenance.

We are experienced in sourcing cargo aircraft for time critical shipments, heavy loads, outsized cargo, humanitarian goods, high value livestock, dangerous goods and perishables.

Light body

Used mostly to fly short range distances, light body aircraft are ideal for rush deliveries such as relief supplies or domestic cargo.

Medium body

Ideal for carrying larger cargo such as perishables, Medium body aircraft are used for flying a longer range.


Heavy aircraft are able to fly the longest hours. They are most commonly employed to transport of outsize cargo such as aircraft engines, drilling equipment and even helicopters.


With a proven success in providing the ideal helicopter for each situation, Jetway has demonstrated ability to cater to client needs. As a prime helicopter lease provider we are well versed in sourcing helicopters for AOG situations, positioning personnel, cargo, air ambulance, onshore and off shore operations.

We transport supplies and personnel for heavy lift purposes, geological observations, seismic survey, planned maintenance and leisure.

Single engine

Limited to flying short distances, single engine helicopters are ideal for sight seeing and transporting people on urgent transit.

Twin engine

Capable of flying further than single engine helicopters, these rotary wing aircraft are commonly used to transport equipment and personnel to offshore destinations. Their ability to land and take off on rough terrain also makes them ideal for such situations.

Executive aircraft

Jetway understands that quick, hassle free service is essential when leasing executive aircraft to VIP’s.  This understanding has enabled us to provide convenient, private, flexible and more comfortably secure lease solutions for any VIP lease requirement.

With the aid of Skysearch, our online database, and our dedicated staff working round the clock, we are and to source the most efficient and luxurious executive aircraft for our executive clients.


These compact aircraft are used for flying short haul and can accommodate up to six passengers. This makes it ideal for swift corporate travel between cities.


Capable of seating approximately ten passengers these medium aircraft are able to fly slightly longer distances and is a popular alternative for company travel.


Designed to fly long haul, heavy executive aircraft provide a more comfortable mode of travel for the jetsetting VIP or business executive. The aircraft have a passenger capacity of 12 to 17 and are able to travel between places like London and Paris.

VIP Airliner

Narrow body passenger aircraft or executive jet are usually referred to as VIP Airliners. They are able to carry up to 40 passengers and fly long haul.

These luxurious aircraft are usually equipped with amenities such as master bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting are and dining area and are popular among celebrities, heads of state and other high net worth individuals.


Jetway is a seasoned provider of lease solutions to various industries within the region. With our global network of clients and operators, we guarantee the provision of the ideal aircraft for any requirement.

Oil and Gas companies

Jetway employs the use of cargo and passenger aircraft as well as helicopters to transport personnel and drilling equipment to offshore locations impossible to travel by road.


Though our strict ‘no violence’ policy prevents us from transporting ammunition, we source aircraft to local governments for the transport of officers and machinery to various locations.

Passenger travel

Jetway sources aircraft for start up operations such as airlines and air freight companies. We provide lease solutions for organizations that run aircraft for seasonal travel,


As a specialist in providing wet lease solutions to the region, Jetway utilizes its local knowledge and extensive network of clients and operators, to achieve this status.

We check on the availability of the ideal aircraft for our clients and after carefully weighing their budget and time requirements, we source the aircraft to them. Through our online database Skysearch, we are able to compose the most efficient contracts with the most competitive rates and therefore provide the best service on the market.

Definition of Aircraft Leasing

An aircraft is provided by a lessor (the owner of the aircraft) to a lessee (someone who is renting the aircraft). The lessee is able to utilize the aircraft any way they choose within the stipulations of the signed contract. The lessee pays the lessor an agreed monthly fee for the use the aircraft.

There are five different types of Leasing. These are ACMI or Wet lease, Damp lease, Dry lease, operational lease and financial lease.

Jetway acts as an intermediary in this process ensuring that the interests of both parties are taken into consideration. Jetway provides a full service solution from initial aircraft choice to sourcing, contract negotiation and signing. In the interests of both parties, Jetway provides a full time onsite Operations Manager with every lease, ensuring that everything from catering to aircraft maintenance runs smoothly and without burden on the lessee or lessor.

ACMI or Wet lease

ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) also known as a Wet Lease. An aircraft is leased out to the lessee including crew, maintenance and insurance.

Although the crew is provided by the lessor, the agreement does not include their transportation, daily expenses, crew duty travel and hotel accommodation. All other aspects such as the crew’s salaries, maintenance fees and insurance bills are provided by the lessor. Any additional insurance are provided by the lessee, an example of this could be war risk insurance.

The lessor charges the lessee for the use of the aircraft according to its block hours. A block hour is defined as the time between when the chocs (blocks placed on the aircraft wheels) are removed before take off and replaced after landing. Depending on the type of aircraft the lessor sets a designated amount of block hours per month that a lessee must adhere to.

Damp lease or AMI

AMI (Aircraft, Maintenance and Insurance) is similar to an ACMI or wet lease, but the crew is provided by the lessee.
Damp lease includes the provision that that crew provided by the lessee undergo safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) training for the particular type of leased aircraft.

Dry lease

The lessor leases just the aircraft to a lessee. This transaction excludes the provision of crew, maintenance and Insurance. The lessee has to aquire an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and provide registration for the aircraft.

Operating lease

An operating lease is a long term agreement that usually is compared to the short economic life of the aircraft takes place within 2-7 years. This is beneficial for the lessee because they do not have to bear the cost.

Financial leasing

A lessee has the option of purchasing the aircraft they are leasing after the lease term has been completed. The price is decided upon through negotiations with the lessor and is usually over 75 percent of the aircraft usable life.


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