Light Jets


A sleek entrance into the jet class, light jets feature pressurized cabins and can fly at higher altitudes than their turbo-prop counterparts.
A smooth ride, with the luxury of a quiet engine. Most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. Capacity to hold 5-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 400-560 mph and average nonstop range of 1,500 miles.
beech jet 400a Beech Jet 400A
citation cj1 Citation CJ1
citation cj2 Citation CJ2
citation bravo Citation Bravo
citation 5 Citation V
citation encore Citation Encore
citation ultra Citation Ultra
falcon 10 Falcon 10
learjet 24 Learjet 24
learjet 25 Learjet 25
learjet 31a Learjet 31A/35
learjet 45 Learjet 45
raytheon premier 1 Raytheon Premier 1
westwind 1 Westwind I

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